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    I recall when I met a guy in school and he showed me wow classic gold it was if WoW Classic first come out I’ve played till 6am even tho I had college at 8am loool I had been so addictive to WoW Classic I then ceased playing just after the MoP oh maan its been awhile I just like to go through some WoW Classic videos prior to bed it brings that melancholic sense;/

    I haven’t played wow classic gold buy because and I know if I start playing it again will not be the same.if you need to prepare for simplistic game play and bad mechanics then their might be no hope for you. If you played WoW Classic, you’re prepared for classic. Just take 1/10th of the skill of playing your personality and replace it with inadequate gluing and go out and reach a bear 30 times in hopes he drops his teeth only to find out that most bears don’t have any teeth!?

    Never played Vanilla and never will – the most important thing for me in online games would be PvP course balance and Vanilla PvP class balance is/was the worst sht ever of WoW Classic and there is lot of competition in other WoW Classic exps so it is saying something.

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